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211 Review: 211 is the police code for 'SHIT'

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Dir: York Alec Shackleton

Release Date: 2018

While on a routine patrol, an aging cop, his partner and their ride-along get caught in a standoff with a band of former mercenaries robbing a bank”

As one of the more recent Nicolas Cage films, this should have flagged the film being rubbish (admittedly, some are still watchable, some even good) but I went with this one anyway.

It starts with a group of men surrounding a woman who is pretending to type on a laptop but seemingly just randomly hitting the keyboard and occasionally actually catching a few keys, while a money transfer is already underway.

They then flee a tiny shed (must be a business shed) and are ambushed by a group of bad guys who are clearly owed money after being double crossed by the guy in the shed. Rather than demand any details and force a transfer to their bank as well, they decide it will be more discreet to shoot everyone dead until they will have no choice but to have to rob a bank and kill lots more people.

Plot sorted.

OK, Cage: He's a old cop facing retirement but doesn't want to go, he is on bad terms with his daughter but is also the partner of her husband (professionally, not homosexually).

As a bonus, he finds out his daughter is pregnant. Gonna be a great day, right?

Of course not.

A black kid is due to have a Ride Along to stop him punching bullies. They kind of suggest he was blamed due to being black but stop short and he says he is picked on because he is 'different'.

Bank robbery ensues. Lots of people shoot randomly across busy streets.

Huge amount of incidental deaths in this film by the way, massive amounts of unnecessary shootings, a bomb, an RPG at the beginning and my favourite is a bad guy shooting at Cage and innocents.

He has sights on a woman but doesn't fire and let's her get into her car.

Maybe not all bad, we think.

He then takes a bullet to his leg, courtesy of Cage, and in retreat, pulls her out of her car, which hasn’t moved, and shoots her on the ground.

Why was she still sitting there? Why did he have to shoot her? Twice. Who cares?

Second favourite is the Bank Manager who stands up to the robbers telling them that he isn't scared of them and if they are going to shoot anyone, it should be him. The leader obliges by shooting him in the face.

I laughed aloud at this point for a good minute.

There's also a beautiful female Interpol Agent who keeps turning up and hangs around doing very little.

Anyway, everyone lives happily ever after.

Cage gets to insanely shout at his superiors about stuff that didn't actually happen (even they looked surprised and there's a suspicious pause afterwards) and there's a smile from everyone at the end as it fades to black.


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