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Bag Attack Review : Watch Your Bag

Dir: Simon Begemann

Release Date: 2023

Eco-Protesters uncover sinister goings on at a plastic bag factory/laboratory

I was lucky enough to be sent a preview screener of this German Horror/Comedy by UltraVisual Films and here is my spoiler free review - yes, this is a subtitled movie.

Fun Fact: Subtitled especially for me as it happens for this screener. Feeling honoured.

For those who have read previous reviews on our site, or listened to our podcast, you will know that this spoiler free business is quite the ask as we usually dissect the movie in a deep dive, taking for granted that you, the good reader/listener, have already seen it.

That is not the case here, this movie is hot off the press.

Check this out!

Again, for those who have been here before should know that this is exactly the kind of movie we like to see here at The Bad Movie Cult.

A shady Plastic Bag company have hired an evil scientist to create the ultimate bag but it takes on a life of its own and calls other plastic bags to arms to attack humans and take over the world!

Tale as old as time, right?

Fun Fact: Each character has a name connected to a different Horror movie, some so obvious it kicks you in the face, some more subtle like a hand in your pants while you're sleeping.

A group of Eco-protesters (the plastic bag division) must unwillingly team up with their GM crop protester counterparts to try and stop the biggest threat the world has ever faced (yeah, right, Germany).

As ridiculous as the plot is, this is a well made, gory and funny movie.

The characters are stereotypical caricatures and work well together with some subtle written jokes alongside some campy, scenery chewing, slapstick.

Yes, the bag attacks are mostly cast and crew holding bags on themselves and each other but that's part of the charm and still better than a CGI approach

The many other practical gore effects are also very enjoyable.

We get some great decapitations, severed limbs, disembowelments, genital mutilation, smashed heads, people being torn in half and even a TV trailer zombie interlude (I'd watch that movie by the way) which features a quality gore reel.

There are so many references to other Horror movies, it is difficult to keep track but it sure keeps you on your toes.

Fun Fact: I found NOES, Halloween, Reanimator, Jaws, Nosferatu, Alien, Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Night of the Living Dead, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Dracula, Theatre of Blood Frankenstein, Dawn o t Dead remake, The Thing, Psycho, Cronenberg, The Ring, The Exorcist, Event Horizon and Hellraiser. You find more? Let me know

Bottom line, this is a low budget horror comedy film done right. It's fun, it entertains. It's what a movie should do. It's unapologetically childish, offensive, gory, contains nudity and is quite ridiculous and these are all reasons I enjoyed it.

And there's even a hint at a sequel! I'll be waiting.

Like a plastic bag in the wind, this will soon be released upon us.

Check out for more details as I've heard rumours of a physical media release!


I'm going to say Norman. Flawed, without a doubt but lots of fun throughout.


A character (no spoilers) sacrificing themselves for no reason whatsoever and even being told there is no point before doing it.


Barbara: "Not that I get the impression you'd like it when I shit in your mouth"


A character (no spoilers) having their head smashed in. Always a winner


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