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Bride of the Killer Piñata: Hit or Shit 2

Dir: Stephen Tramonata

Release Date: 2023

10 years after the initial battle, a new Piñata arrives and all Hell breaks loose. Again.

Back in December 2021, I wrote a review on here for the Movie 'Killer Piñata', which concluded with the following:

"There is a post credits scene where the Piñata reforms itself in the basement like the T-1000 in T2 (okay, maybe not exactly like that) and I believe they were aiming to make a sequel which didn't materialise for some reason."

Search and read at your leisure.

Well, update on that, Angry Mule Pictures recently reached out and kindly sent us a preview screener of that exact Horror/Comedy sequel! Here is my spoiler free review.

Fun Fact: This is the first time we have featured a separate review for both the original AND the sequel on this site or on the podcast - Angry Mule Pictures, YOU WIN!

Once again, the following message:

For those who have read previous reviews on our site, or listened to our podcast, you will know that this spoiler free business is quite the ask as we usually dissect the movie in a deep dive, taking for granted that you, the good reader/listener, have already seen it.

That is not the case here, this movie is hot off the press.

Check out the trailer!

And, once again, for those who have been here before should know that this is exactly the kind of movie we like to see here at The Bad Movie Cult.

Let's do this.

We get a flashback/recap opening scene updating us that the Piñata kept on killing after the events of the first movie and, like a true Horror icon, kept regenerating after being stopped each time.

Fun Fact: Movie blurb says it is 10 years since the original, dialogue says it is 8 (8 is correct in real time) but, if you're going to focus on that, you're a fool! Guilty as charged

Eliza-Jane Morris returns as Lindsey and is joined in her quest by Natalie Younger playing her wife, Nat. An inexplicable gunslinger called Shane also joins the team to take out the Piñata who was somehow joined by other, similar killers.

Well, as legend has it, one day, the Piñata just didn't get back up. The threat was over. For good measure, the Piñata is kept in a glass case in the basement like the Annabelle doll from a far wealthier franchise.

If that's not enough, there's also a serial killer in the area stealing body parts from their victims as trophies and a neighbourhood full of new characters. It's all go, right?

Somehow a new Piñata (Unicorn) finds the OG KP - apologies if I'm being too street - and he comes back to life.

Bloodshed ensues!

We get a face being ripped off, some heads being speared, a horn up the ass, some stabbings, bludgeoning and, if after the first movie, you were wondering if there was a severed penis scene, you are damned right there is!

And what a beauty - the scene not the penis, thought that is also pretty impressive.

Apparently, the Piñatas can also talk to each other, which is actually quite annoying but, we can try to ignore that. After all, communication is vital in a relationship, right, people? We get subtitles for these exchanges so get your reading glasses ready .

Being a sequel, we get the call back characters but also are treated to some new kids on the block.

Fun Fact: Joette Waters makes a surprise reappearance as The Shopkeeper from the first movie, as does her employee Raul.

The unicorn has a back story, doesn't really want to kill and wants to be a Loving Piñata and is therefore called LP. Women, eh? Right, fellas? Why can't they just get onboard with your murderous rampage and enjoy the fun?

Notably on the other newbies, we meet Shane, the inexplicable gunslinger, Jimmy and his wife who I liked, a local cop with beef regarding the Piñata, and the glorious, Lord Chain, a Black Metal corpse-painted guy who turns up with a gang straight out of a Troma movie.

Without going too much into it, we get nods to Bride of Frankenstein, Bride of Reanimator, Bridesmaids (not seen it), Bridle-Path, a movie about a horse trainer who gets her horse to kill those who have wronged her (I've just made that up but, if you want me to write it for you, I'll get on it).

So, is Bride of the Killer Piñata worth a watch?


In truth, the film is a bit long, clocking in at just under 2 hours but it holds your attention and has enough twists, laughs and blood to keep you engaged.

The comedy of the film, as in the original, is more hit more than miss with some good observational humour and funny visual gags aplenty. Gore and gross out jokes are always appreciated over here at the BMC.

Twists, turns, side plots, double crosses, a portal to Hell and killings galore make this a solid sequel which remains true to the fun feeling of the original.

Get your friends over, grab a few drinks and hit both of these for a fun, WTF, night of laughs and violence.

Fun Fact: We get credits for both Piñatas this time around: Luca Vitta as the KP and Karina Wolfe as Paula Pelt / LP

The original Killer Piñata is still available to watch on Amazon Prime

Stay tuned for details on how to watch Bride of the Killer Piñata as they are hoping to make an announcement soon.

Check out these links and give them a follow and subscribe for more info


I'm going with Jimmy (Eric Bays). A total pervert and therefore lots of fun. Lord Chain (Casey Brockway) running a close 2nd.


Shane (Johnny Kalita) at home with his family was nice sight gag


LP: "We belong dead"


Any death involving a severed penis is going to win this but this one has to be seen to be believed - and even then, people won't believe you if you tell them.


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