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Death Metal: The Devil's Music

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

Dir: Michael Kuciak

Release Date: 2023

A metal band write an album so evil, it curses anyone who listens to it"

For those who don't know, I am a big fan of Metal as well as a movie 'connoisseur', so this title struck a chord with me straight away - yes, I may throw music based puns throughout this review.

Horror and Metal go hand in hand. They just do.

I was lucky enough to be sent a Blu-Ray copy of this by none other than the Writer/Director, Mr Michael Kuciak, himself. What a guy!

Once again, the following message:

For those who have read previous reviews on our site, or listened to our podcast, you will know that this spoiler free business is quite the ask as we usually dissect the movie in a deep dive, taking for granted that you, the good reader/listener, have already seen it.

That is not the case here, this movie is hot off the press.

Check out the trailer!

Let's do this.

The movie focuses on 'Abyssinister', a failing Metal band on the brink.

They need something to revitalise their careers. Anything.

Fun Fact: We are treated to a full song by Death Metal legends, Incantation, who also stick around for some banter after their show.

Sadly, instead of seeking out The Pick of Destiny, Abyssinister discover The Devil's Concerto, a cursed piece of music deemed so evil that all copies were burned. Except one...

What better way to resurrect a flagging career than to travel to the middle of nowhere, hook up with a legendary record producer, channel The Devil's Concerto and rock out?!

Unfortunately, anything would have been better than this idea as they also resurrect a curse which drives each of them insane and possesses them to commit demonically murderous violence.

This movie is kind of split into 2 sections.

The opening scenes take a sort of comedic approach with the arguing, the frustration, the gig, the reaction and the whole set-up for their desperate, make-or-break, situation.

Once they head off and arrive at a remote farmhouse studio for recording, the movie takes a far more serious tone as we head into madness and towards the inevitable bloodshed.

As soon as they play the tracks, things are not the same.

Once heard, we shift into a darker movie.

Speaking of bloodshed, gore fans will enjoy some quality bloodletting as this one gets going. Some of the transformations were particularly memorable.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of sexy possessed/zombie ladies and this film gave me plenty to enjoy in that respect. KateLynn E Newberry and Kara Joy Reed are great value in their murderous roles with Shadia Martin giving us the emotional anchor for balance.

We also get some quality turns from Nico Zahniser, as the instigator of the 'Mayhem', Ray Goodwin, Tom Kondilas, Chris Richards, Jonathan Yurco and Carmen Gangale.

I got some serious vibes of Lamberto Bava's 'Demons' with this movie as it progressed, with touches of The Evil Dead, Hellraiser III and Event Horizon thrown into the mix.

To be honest, looking at that, that's a seriously great list of comparisons/influences/recommendations

We get decapitations, quick cut editing, hallucinogenic Hell, demons, a sweet ukulele song around the campfire, violence, ghosts, unusual choice slo-mo, and a great Metal soundtrack

Made on an Indie budget, and clearly by a fan of both Metal AND Horror, this is well worth 90 minutes of your time. It won't change your life (any actual life changing is purely coincidental and I cannot be held responsible) but I enjoyed it and isn't that what watching a movie is about?

Fun Fact: This movie is now available on Tubi for those lucky enough to have access to that and out there to rent on Amazon Prime

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I'm going with Fleming, the no-nonsense record producer


It just wouldn't be right if my favourite moment wasn't a full frontal nude scene with a hot possessed chick, right?


Fleming: "You are either a hallucination or a ghost. Either way, fuck off"


The eyes. Not saying anything more. The eyes


I love a scene where someone just walks off to nowhere at all. This threw one of those in as well.


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